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Things I Like


Saiyuki Musical

They look great! ^______^




Fuck your house.

OMG I’m dying

I’m weak!

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So yeah…guess who just discovered the Saiyuki musical


Kenren Taishō and Tenpou Gensui from Saiyuki Gaiden, and their reincarnations as Sha Gojyō and Chō Hakkai from Saiyuki (manga by Minekura Kazuya, just look at her unique style and be amazed *_*).

it doesn’t matter which reincarnation, predicament or situation, these two will always always be my faves

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today i watched a roomba scoot through the open door of a nearby bakery and onward to freedom as a panicked cleaning crew chased after it. all hail the robot uprising

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My brother just turned up with this for me. Best. Brother. Ever!
Can’t wait to start building it -
Bring on the childhood xD